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Pope John XXIII Catholic Multi Academy Company

The History of our Schools

The history of Catholic education in Wolverhampton is long and rich and our four schools have contributed to that: Our Lady and St Chad School was formed from the Convent of Mercy (ca.1860’s) and St Chad’s College, established in 1925; St. Mary’s and Holy Rosary have recently celebrated their 85th and 80th anniversaries, and even our ‘youngest’ school Corpus Christi has been providing a Catholic education for over 50 years. On March 1st 2015, we came together as a MAC and started out on a new era in that long history. Our schools are dedicated to Our Blessed Lord, His Blessed Mother, our diocesan patron St. Chad, and our MAC patron St. John XXIII; we invoke the prayers of all of them, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit at the start of our new journey.

Pope John XXIII Multi Academy Company

Pope John XXIII Multi Academy Company.

On the 1st March 2015, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School, Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Sports College and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School became the Pope John XXIII Multi Academy Company.

We are proud to be known after the saint, who, in our own times, ‘opened the windows of the Church’ to the Holy Spirit and a new era, and delighted that, after months of preparation, our four schools embark on a new and exciting journey together.

Why have four of our local schools become an Academy Company? The Government is of a mind that all schools in the future will be Academies. Given the sea-change in the education system in this country, it seemed to the governors, staff and parents of our four schools that, after prayer, reflection and discernment, they should be proactive and embrace with enthusiasm the Multi Academy Company model which has been carefully thought out to secure the long-term future of our Catholic schools in rapidly changing times.

The structure and organisation of the new academy has a new and unfamiliar language about it. Overall responsibility for the four schools in the multi academy falls to the Board of Directors. The Governing Body of each school is now an Academy Committee and the Headteacher is now the Principal of the school.

We are not an academy chain, nor are we sponsored by any companies and the members of the Board of Directors are not salaried, and the company does not make a profit.

The Multi Academy model fits perfectly with our own Catholic theology and faith perspective. As our bishops stated in ‘The Common Good in Education’ of 1997: ‘no school or college is “an island, entire of itself.” It means that no governing body, no individual group of parents, has the right to disregard the good of another institution…..On the contrary, all are responsible for all. The duty to care for the other lies at the heart of the Church’s social teaching.’

About Us

The object of the Pope John XXIII Multi Academy Company – or MAC, (as set out more fully in the Articles of Association) is the provision, for public benefit, of Catholic schools offering a broad and balanced curriculum. The MAC and the schools within it are conducted in accordance with the Code of Canon Law and the teachings of the Catholic Church; locally we follow the directives and policies issued by the Archbishop of Birmingham – our Diocesan Bishop

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales has approved a document of the Catholic Education Service (CES) Catholic Education in England and Wales which sets out in more detail why the Catholic church provides Catholic school , including Academies, and the distinctive nature of Catholic Education – an extract of which is set out below.

The Distinctive Nature of Catholic Education
Whatever their status-…..Catholic schools and colleges are established to support Catholic parents in their responsibility for the academic, physical, spiritual, moral and religious education of their children in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Catholic education endeavours to make the person of Jesus Christ known and loved, and to place Him and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the centre of the educational enterprise. In placing ‘Christ at the Centre’, Catholic education seeks to invite all into a life of discipleship within the Body of the Church. This means that Catholic Schools are committed to promoting:

The Search for Excellence
Christians are called to fulfil their potential and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Catholic education therefore strives to offer students every opportunity to develop their talents to the full through their academic work, spiritual worship and extracurricular activities.

The Uniqueness of the Individual
Within Catholic schools and colleges, each individual is seen as made in God’s image and loved by Him. All students are valued and respected as individuals so that they may be helped to fulfil their unique role in creation. It is important therefore that we provide high quality pastoral care throughout our schools and colleges in order to support the individual needs of each student.

The Education of the Whole Person
Catholic education is based on the belief that the human and the divine are inseparable. In Catholic schools and colleges, management, organisation, academic and pastoral work, prayer and worship, all aim to prepare young people for their life as Christians in the community.

The Education of All
Their belief in the value of each individual leads Catholic schools and colleges to have the duty to care for the poor and to educate those who are socially, academically, physically or emotionally disadvantaged. Service to those who are amongst the most disadvantaged in our society has always been central to the mission of Catholic education.

Moral Principles
Catholic education aims to offer young people the experience of life in a community founded on the Christian virtues. In religious education in particular, the Church aims to transmit to them the Catholic faith. Both through religious education and in the general life of the school, young people are prepared to serve as witnesses to moral and spiritual values in the wider world.”

Extract from Catholic Education in England and Wales published by CES, Ecclestone Square, London.

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