Policies and Publications

Our policies are available to view and download by the public and cover various aspects of the Multi Academy Company

Corporate MAC policies are under review so that individual schools’ policies will be replaced by Multi Academy Company policies. The MAC has adopted the Birmingham Archdiocese Model Complaints policy for Academies.

A – M

Asset Control Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Data Protection Policy

Gifts & Hospitality Policy

Investment Policy

N – Z

Procurement Policy

Risk Management Policy

Scheme of Financial Delegation

Whistleblowing Policy

Standard Conditions of Contract

Academy Policies

DES Guidance Complaints Procedure for Academies

DES Model Complaints Policy for Academies

Holy Rosary – Academy Admission Policy

Holy Rosary – Charges and Remissions Policy

OLSC – Admission Policy for Pupils

OLSC – Charging and Remissions Policy

St Marys – Determined Admission Arrangements

St Marys – School Charging and Remissions Policy

Register of Interests

Pope John XXIII Public Register of Director Interests

Corpus Christi – Register of Academy Representative

Holy Rosary – Register of Academy Representative

OLSC – Register of Academy Representative

St Marys – Register of Academy Representative

Financial Statements

Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements for the period ending 31/08/2015

Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements for the period ending 31/08/2016